Multicore Audio Cable with Stage Box

A stage box is used in the audio engineering and entertainment fields to connect microphones and other sound equipment to the multi-core cable. It functions as an extension of the equipment cables, allowing for the sound desk to be situated further away from the stage, and also as a single location for cables to be plugged in.

Order Code
BSA3-8  : 4 Inputs to 4 Returns
BSA3-12 : 8 Inputs to 4 Returns
BSA3-16 : 12 Inputs to 4 Returns
BSA3-20 : 16Inputs to 4 Returns
BSA3-24 : 20 Inputs to 4 Returns
BSA3-32 : 24 Inputs to 8 Returns
BSA3-36 : 28 Inputs to 8 Returns
BSA3-40 : 32Inputs to 8 Returns
Cable Length: 30meter, 50meters