Customer Service

   1).Any inquiry or question will be solved within 24 hours. We will give you the most competitive price with best terms.
   2).Assist you to choose the most suitable products ;related technical support and suggestions will be provided freely,
   3).Provide the product specification, sample, production schedule ,technological flow sheet and so on.
   4).As per your special request, provide the related qualification documents.
   5).Four quality control processes (IQC,IPQC ,FQC,OQC)ensure the products quality, and finished goods test
       report will be provided before shipment.
   1).Follow up and feed back the shipment status timely.
   2).Make and provide shipping documents for customs clearance, such as invoice, packing-list, B/L,certificate of origin ,
       and so on.
   3).Any technical inquires during the usage of products, we will give our full technical supports .
   4).Any complaints from clients will be answered within 24 hours.
   5).Products cannot be used normally due to our product quality problems,  goods can be returned unconditionally.

   1).Recommend the suitable production for customers base on understanding Installation conditions (Indoor, outdoor, 
       conduit,trunking, tray, underground, operating temperature)physicalproperty requirement(bending radius, sunlight)
       and electric property requirement(phase no, voltage class, current rating, voltage drop)
   2).We can provide technical document(technical specifications, compliance, SOG, performance packing list and so on)
       for our customer
   3).Ensure any technical requirement transfer perfectly.