Standards & Certification

 OU    our OouThe main standards for our cables are as following:

Category Specifications
Flexible Cord B.S.2004,BS 6500,AS/NZS 3191,UL 62,HD21.5S3,IEC60227-5
Earth Cable SS 358-3,BS6004,IEC60227-3,DIN VDE0281-3
Speaker Cable IEC60502-1,BS5308
LV Power Cable BS6346,IEC60502-1,AS/NZS5000.1,SPLN43,ICEA S-95-658N
Control Cable IEC60502-1,AS/NZS5000.1
Solar Cable 2Pfg1169/08
MV Power Cable IEC 60502-2,AS/NZS 1429
Instrumentation Cable BS5308,BS EN 50288-7,AS/NZS5000.3
Fire Resistant Cable IEC60502-1,AS/NZS5000.1
Flame Retardant Cable BS6724,SS299-1,BS7211,IEC60502-1,AS/NZS5000.1
Jumper Wire BPO CW(M) 232A
Lan Cable UL 444,TIA/EIA-568-B.2
Telephone Cable IDA TS L1-1,IDA TS L1-2,BPO CW1308
Neoprene cable(H07RN-F) IEC 60245
Flexible Cable(H07C-K) EN 50265 HD21.S3
Marine Cable NEK606(Offshore),IEC60092,UL1309
Thermocouple Cable ISA.MC.96.1,ANSI/ICEA S-73-532,NEMA WC 57,SAE AMS 2750D,ANSI E230,GB/T 4989
Automotive Wire JASO D608,JASO D611,JIS C3406,SAE J1127,SAE J1128,SAE J1560,DIN 72551
Airport wire and Cable FAA Engineering Brief # 1~83
Mini coaxial Cable UL758,UL1581
RG TYPE Coaxial Cable(RG59,RG6) MIL-C-17G
CATV,CCTV,DBS UL1655,UL13,UL444,UL1424,UL1581
AWM UL758,UL1581(1003~4478)
Audio&Video cable(USB,1394,SATA,DP,HDMI) UL758,UL1581,CSA C22.2NO210.2
Profibus Cable IEC 61158
Mining Cable AS/NZS1802,AS/NZS2802
Nuclear Cable IEEE Std 383TM
Pilot Cable IEC60502-1,AS/NZS5000.1
Aerial Cable IEC1089,AS1531,AS1222.1
Welding Cable AS/NZS1995,IEC60245-6
Rubber Cable IEC60245
VSD Cable IEC 60502-1,AS/NZS 5000.1
Materials Requirements and Tests BS7655,BS EN 10257,IEC60811,AS/NZS3808
Conductor Requirements and Tests BS6360,IEC60228,AS/NZS1125,UL758
Fire Resistant Tests BS6387 CAT C.W.Z,AS/NZS3013,IEC60331,SS299 CAT C.W.Z
Flame Retardant tests IEC60332-1,IEC60332-3-22,IEC60332-3-21
Smoke Density Tests IEC 61034,BS EN 50268
Acid Gas Evolved Tests BS EN 50267,IEC 60754
Oxygen Index Tests ASTM D 2863
Sunlight Resistant Test UL 1581.Section 1200